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The team at go FORWRAD have done a fantastic job on 2 website rebuilds now. Thanks to their great work, we now have 2 websites that have a simple to use Content Management System, which makes them effortless to manage.  I have found Mike's team to be patient, articulate, and creative and full of great 'extra' ideas at every turn. While simplifying things for us in terms of content management, they have also created websites that can grow as our businesses continue to grow.

Mike Fraser

Frequently Asked Questions

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All of our solutions come with there very own administration system, allowing our customers to update their sites easily & in a non-technical manner.

However... if you wish, we can update the site as and when you require for a small charge.

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go FORWARD's Content Management System (CMS) has revolutionised the way our customers are able to manage their websites.  

Our CMS solutions (go WEBSITE & go SHOP)  gives you complete control of your site - without being technical.

Some of the key features and benefits of our CMS based solutions are:

  • you have the flexibility to quickly and easily edit the content, pictures, and links on your site, anywhere, any place, anytime via a web browser
  • content management gives you complete control of your website with little technical knowledge and no specialist software.
  • after your site is implemented, you don't need specialist web expertise to alter the content of your site, saving you time, and vastly improves your ability to keep the site current
  • you have the ability to publish news with specified expiry dates
  • ensures that the site look and feel is consistent across all the pages
  • adding, deleting, moving, or altering a page does not affect other pages or break the site navigation
  • add as many pages or subpages to your site as you need
  • when individual pages are added, moved or deleted, the page navigation menu links are automatically adjusted on all pages of your site.
  • allows you to install add-ons that give your site more flexibility (photo albums, calendars, news systems, secure area's etc)
  • website design changes are instantly updated on all website pages
  • go FORWARD's CMS solution is user friendly!

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Yes it will.

You will be able to use any email address you wish....


All of our hosting plans come with the ability for multiple email addresses.

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Yes we can...

If your website is more than a few years old, chances are you are missing out on many of the latest features and technologies available today.

So an upgrade may be quite timely.

If you wish, we will quickly review your existing site free of charge, and give you our expert opinion whether it would benefit from an upgrade or not.

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Yes we do!

Upon completing your site, we will fully train you on how you can add, change, and remove content from your site.

Once you have put in most of your content, we can review the content with you to enhance and fine tune it.

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Yes we do. 

We have many customers outside of New Plymouth, and use modern technology to make the process effortless.

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Yes we can.

We offer very competitive hosting plans, so if you would like to host a website with us please contact us.

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go FORWARD - Website Design, Website Development, New Plymouth, Taranaki
go FORWARD - Website Design, Website Development, New Plymouth, Taranakigo FORWARD - Website Design, Website Development, New Plymouth, Taranakigo FORWARD - Website Design, Website Development, New Plymouth, Taranakigo FORWARD - Website Design, Website Development, New Plymouth, Taranakigo FORWARD - Website Design, Website Development, New Plymouth, Taranaki