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How to create effective Facebook posts

Facebook posts are generally more successful when they connect with your audience in a real and genuine way.  go FORWARD suggests these tips on how to create Facebook posts that will get noticed.

Keep it short

People scan Facebook, so it's important to keep your writing short and specific for a better response.

Use big images

Use eye-catching photos and videos of your products or services so they stand out in peoples news feeds.  This will make it more likely people will see your posts, and in turn like, comment and share your posts.

We also recommend having a consistant style template, so people will start to recognise your brand when they see your posts.

Link posts directly to your website

When you add links to your posts, Facebook automatically creates a link and links any images to your website making it easy for people to navigate their way to the content on your site that you would like them too see.

You can also customise the headline and description to give your customers more reasons to click.

Share content and info with Facebook Adverts (Sponsored Posts)

Offer special deals to customers to keep them interested and drive sales. If you have loyal customers, let them know about special events or deals that reward them.

This is a cost effective method of advertising, and you can target your customers by location, age and gender.

Also consider using Facebook Adverts to keep your brand in the forefront of protential new customers.

Respond to customers promptly!

People like it when you engage with them in a timely fashion. When you reply to posts and comments quickly, you'll notice that customers are more responsive too.

Key Dates / Events

When special events and holidays (Valentine's Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Easter etc) are on everyone's mind, mention them in your posts. Planning and scheduling posts around important dates means that you'll be more likely to get people talking and engaging with you.

Post more of what customers want

When you learn how your customers are responding, you'll be able to post more of what they love. Posting on your Page is about quality, not quantity. From there, you can post more of what they like and avoid posting what they don't.

To measure this, you can review your Facebook page engagement with Page Insights: https://www.facebook.com/business/learn/facebook-page-insights-basics

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