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How to write effective website content

You have limited time to grab the attention of visitors to your website and website pages. These guidelines will help you write your content effectively.

Use a conversational tone

When writing your website content, write as though you are talking directly to your reader using words like “you” and “your.”  This engages your reader and pulls them into your content in a way they can relate to, making it more likely they’ll take action.

Address the readers problem

People are generally coming to your website because of one thing – they want to know if you can help them.  Your website content needs to show people that you can solve their problems.

Start with a summary

Start by telling your website visitor the point of the page in a way that entices them to keep reading.  Here’s some pointers to help you write an effective summary:

  • Make it a clear, simple outline of what is on the page
  • Construct the summary so it makes sense without needing to read anything else on the page
  • Ensure it is short
  • Use keywords from the content of the page to help with search results

Use short sentences, words and paragraphs

When it comes to structuring the words within your content, you should follow three simple rules:

  • Short words
  • Short sentences
  • Short paragraphs

Use short sentences that are easy to read and straight to the point to hold attention.

Limit one idea per paragraph, that way your content is easy to digest.

Build credibility with honest statements about your products, services or organisation - people will read through any overly exaggerated claims.

Use meaningful headings

People don’t often read online content, they scan.

Headings give direction. Someone who is scanning your content should be able to quickly read a heading and understand what the following text will cover.  Therefore, your headings should be simple and descriptive.

Use bullet pointed lists

Lists are great. They break content up and make it look more interesting, and they are an excellent tool for highlighting key points.

People are drawn to lists — although they might be scanning your content, they will probably read a list. 

Use graphical elements

Graphical elements are a fantastic way of elevating your content and making it look far more interesting.  Graphical elements could include:

  • Images
  • Icons
  • Maps
  • Videos
  • Sound Clips
  • Graphs

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