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Website content and keywords

Content in your website is an important factor in trying to get your website ranked well.  Your website content must include the keyword(s) you think people will use to find you. 

go FORWARD websites are designed in a way that gives you full control and makes the search engine optimisation of your website easy.

Here are some quick tips how you can incoporprate keyword(s) throughout each page of your website.

Page Title

Your page title (or main page heading) is an important signal to search engines as to what a page of content is about. 

Your page title should be 45 - 50 characters long, and incorporate the pages keyword(s) once .

Summary Text

go FORWARD's systems include a page summary for two reasons.  

  1. Capture your reader by telling them the point of the page and enticing them to continue reading.
  2. Allows you to replicate your pages keyword(s) 

The summary text of your page should be no longer than 3 sentences long, and include the pages keyword(s) once.

Page Content

The keyword(s) should be used at least two or three times, including variations, in the body of the page.

Page URL

You wont need to worry about this, as go FORWARD uses the pages title automatally in the URL, increasing the keyword(s) count of the page.

Browser Title

Again to make your life easy, go FORWARD uses the page title automatally for the browser title.

Page Meta Description

Meta description tags have little impact on your search engine rankings, however they are important in gaining user click-through from search engines. These short paragraphs are your opportunity to let searchers know whether your website or page contains the information they're looking for.

Your page description should be no longer than 155 characters long, and include your keyword(s) at lease once.

Alternative Text on Images

go FORWARD's website system also allows you to include altenative text on images, again increasing the keyword(s) count on your page.  Here are instructions how to include Alternative Text.

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