Adding a Product

  • Click on the Products menu option in the top menu
  • Select the Category the product needs to be entered into
  • Click on the Add a Product button
  • Product Code: Enter the product code (optional)
  • Product Name: Enter the products name
  • Short Description: - Enter a Short Description (1 Paragraph) about the product. 
  • Extended Description: If you would like to add a longer description - like technical specifications, dimensions, warranty information etc, enter it here.  Note: do not repeat the Short Description.
  • Normal Price: Enter the normal price of the product (don't enter a $ sign)
  • Discount Price: Enter the discounted price of the product (don't enter a $ sign)
  • Shipping: If using weight based shipping, you will need to enter the product weight here
  • Featured: Select if you would like this product to display on the front screen of the website
  • Instock: If the product is out of stock, you can take the check box off, which will then tell people that there will be a delay in shipping
  • New Product: This will display an icon next to the product that it is new, and display in the New Products section
  • Best Seller: This will display an icon next to the product showing it as a best seller, and display in the Best Sellers section
  • Linked Products: Select up to 3 products that will display under this product that you think your customers may also be interested in
  • After you have finished editing, click the Add Product button

Also read the section, adding images to products, and adding attributes to products (i.e. Size, Colour etc) to products.

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