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Hosting and Domains

Hosting Technical Details

Hosting Contol Panel Access

The Hosting Control Panel allows you to setup, modify, or delete mail accounts, manage files on your website, access site statistics etc.

Domain Names: .com verses

New Zealand organisations have the opportunity to register a or a .com domain name. What is the best choice for your organisation?

Domain Names: What if the domain name I want is not available?

If the domain name you want is not available there are alternatives, that may infact be beneficial.

Website Backups

We highly recommend that you perform a backup of your website on a regular basis, so that information can be restored if your site is lost or corrupted.

Site Statistics

Uploading a File to the Webserver

Useful if you wish to upload a file to the server and you don't use FTP software.

Using the File Manger

Used for managing files on your web hosting account.

How to password protect directories

If you would like to be able to retrieve files from anywhere via your web hosting account, you can store them in a password protected folder on the web server.

Configuring your FTP Software

Allows you to quickly manage files on your website.

Setting up FTP Account access to a directory

Useful to give someone access (supplier/customer) to a folder on your webserver to upload large files.

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