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Adding or updating a page on your website

Adding an image to a page

Uploading an image to the web server

Adding a link

Hyperlinks allow you to link to another page on your website or to another website.

Linking to a PDF File

File Management

Instructions how to upload a file (i.e. PDF) document to the server to add to a website page.

Add a YouTube Video to your website

Copy and Pasting content into your website

While you can paste content into your website, there is a special procedure required to maintain the formatting of your web pages.

Adding Anchors to text in a Page

Useful if you would like to link to specific block of information in a page.

Adding a News Item

Adding a FAQ

Adding or updating a Gallery or Category Image in your Photo Gallery

Adding, updating, or deleting a Photo in your Gallery

Adding an Article (with the Articles Module)

Managing Article Categories

Managing Subscribers to your newsletters

Updating your Search Engine Optimisation Details

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