Adding Anchors to text in a Page

Step 1 - Creating the Anchor

  • Select the text your would like to set an anchor to.
  • Click on the Anchor tool (Flag) 
  • Give the anchor a title - without spaces or special charactors
    i.e. anchorname
  • Pless OK.

Step 2 - Linking to the Anchor

  • Select the text that your would like to create the anchor link from
  • Click on the Link tool (chain)
  • Change the protocol to Other
  • Copy in the URL of the page you the link is on without the domain name:
    i.e. page/your-page/7/
  • At the end of the link, add a hash (#) followed by the name of the Anchor
    i.e. page/your-page/7/#anchorname

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