Adding or updating a page on your website

  • Login to your go WEBSITE Administration System
  • Select Content on the top menu
  • If adding a new page, Click on the link called "Add New Content".  or else find the page you would like to edit in the list and press update.
  • Subpage of: If this is a subpage of another page, select the Parent Page.   i.e. if you were creating a page called "Our People" and you wanted it as a sub-page of "About Us", select "About Us" as the parent page.
  • Menu Text: Enter the Menu Link name in the Menu Text field
  • Page Title: Enter a Page Title, in the Page Title Field
  • Display Order: If you would like your pages to display in a certain order, you can use this field to do so by numbering the pages accordingly.
  • Summary Text:  Allows you to put a summary of the page content at the top of the page.
  • Content: Enter the Content in the Content Field.
    > CAUTION: If pasting content into here, please refer to this artice: Copy and Pasting content into your website.
  • Back to Top: If this is a long page, you have the option of clicking the Back to top button, to display an icon at the top of the page.
  • Page Active: allows you to turn the page on & off.
  • Once you have completed these steps, add the content to the system by clicking Add Page button.

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