Linking to a PDF File

You can link to a PDF document anywhere in the system where there is there is the "Content Editor".

Note: You will need to upload the PDF document to the website prior to linking it to your page.  Click here for instructions how to upload the PDF to the web server.

  • Open up the content you would like the PDF file linked to (i.e. Content Page / News Item / FAQ etc).
  • Put in some text that you would like to create the link from
    i.e.  Click here to download the Price List
  • Select the text you would like the link from:
    i.e. Select 'Click Here'
  • Click on the link button (the chain icon)
  • Select Browse Server
  • If the Files folder is not selected, click on the Files folder
  • Double click on the document you would like to link to
  • Change the target, so the document loads in a new window by Clicking the Target Tab, and in the drop downs select New Window
  • Click Ok
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